small collections of handcraft, one line artworks


handcraft art

only 100!

NFTs in the 1st gen


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I am one-line artist and designer. Decided to make project as I didn’t see any other NFT collection in that style. Each image is 100% handcraft. No algorithmical generation here. A whole collection consists of smaller sets of only 100 pfp NFTs per generation, for example 100 fruits or 100 vegetables. This approach gives the most originality to each piece. Some of the characters in are even more unique because of the different traits that they have. Generation 1 contains both well-known fruits like apple or banana, but also some interesting fruits like Blue Java Banana or chocolate vine. Generation 2 will be made of vegetable characters. I will continue creating new generations, if the previous ones succeed.

I hope that will intrigue you with things that you’ve never heard about.

1st gen

only 100 hand-made,
one line fruit images

2nd gen

only 100 hand-made,
one line vegetables images

3rd gen

still in the planning phase


Why did you choose Solana?

Lower gas fees, better overall experience, more flexibility. Crypto newcomers will not pay 200$ ETH-gas.

Where can I buy NFTs?

You can see current auctions on our marketplace.
Visit marketplace

Will there be more collections on the website?

If the project turns out to be successful, new collections will appear!

Is project algorithmically generated?

Each artwork individually is handcrafted, remarkable and inimitable. Every pic conveys some emotions, stimulates your imagination. There are no random elements, as the entire project is preceded by an individual plan for each work.

How many NFTs will be in collection?

Each generation will consist of 100 NFTs max. Each NFT is handcrafted, so we propably won't reach 10 000 artworks😅.

What's the story behind the name? (

All projects are made in “one line” artistic style, hence the first part of the name - one. When we look at the collection, we discover that it forms a family, such as fruit family. Additionally, all generations finally make up one large family of artworks made using the one-line technique. Hence the idea for the second part of the name - family.

Where will the new drops be annouced?

On my Twitter profile.

What is the royalty?



Crownello's graphic artist